The New Album - 'This Is the Day'

'This is the Day', the brand new release from Sandyman Flynn, captures the raw energy and complete honesty from music that comes straight from the soul.

"Open up the window and let in the light!" with 'Little Bit o Light', or discover your inner gypsy jazz with 'Mind, Body n Soul'. And always remember right now is the time to embrace Love because 'This Is the Day!


Little Bit o Light
Mind, Body n Soul
This Is the Day
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Wind 'n' Chimes Romping Guitar

This new album starts you with the wind (Sandyman helps) playing the chimes, to later romping with an Eddie Cochran era guitar "flyin' eight miles high". In between you can seek "a little peace and quiet" with just a solo voice and bass guitar soliloquy.

Wind n Chime
Eight Miles High
Peace and Quiet

Even If We're In the Pouring Rain For Awhile...Love Sees Us Through

Sometimes we can find ourselves in the pourin' rain, but Sandyman guides us through the tough streets and down the river - and reminds us what really counts in this world. Together, we can make it through - because This Is the Day!

It's Love
Steamboat's Comin'
This Is the Day (reprise)

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