This Is the Day, the video of the title track for the new album. Thanks to Scottie Flynn for shooting some of the photography and videography, and to Dane my bronze buddy at the Walking Bridge where I play in downtown Chattanooga.


This Is the Day (official video)
This Is The Day (official video)


Here is a live performance at Huey Auditorium in front of a packed house, the song is 'Fill It Up' (with the band Cullowhee) - it's all about paying it a little forward...

Live at Huey Auditorium, Western Carolina University - Fill It Up

Live at the Crimson Moon Cafe, 'Share Your Love' is an uplifting song written in Negril, Jamaica with an island flavor - including a steel drum accompaniment:

Live from the Crimson Moon Cafe - Share Your Love

The following is from a sold out show at Eddie Owen's venue (Eddie of Eddie's Attic fame) EOP at the Red Clay Theatre. Check it out:

Live at the Red Clay Theatre  - All Alone Again Tonight

'City Lights', a suite composed on a park bench in Madrid, Spain, when much about the world was becoming more clear...

City Lights Suite

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