Here is a live performance at Huey Auditorium in front of a packed house, the song is 'Fill It Up' (with the band Cullowhee) - it's all about paying it a little forward...

Live at Huey Auditorium, Western Carolina University - Fill It Up

Live at the Crimson Moon Cafe, 'Share Your Love' is an uplifting song written in Negril, Jamaica with an island flavor - including a steel drum accompaniment:

Live from the Crimson Moon Cafe - Share Your Love

The following is from a sold out show at Eddie Owen's venue (Eddie of Eddie's Attic fame) EOP at the Red Clay Theatre. Check it out:

Live at the Red Clay Theatre  - All Alone Again Tonight

'City Lights', a suite composed on a park bench in Madrid, Spain, when much about the world was becoming more clear...

City Lights Suite

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