"Dreams are without boundaries...dream..." Sandyman Flynn

        Cabin Cuts: Three Album Trilogy - Includes songs, poems and instrumentals. The latest collection
        from Sandyman Flynn - messages for today from the heart of the ancient Appalachians.

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    Friends, here are some of the things you will find here...    Mississippi Moon Video

    Music – some of these compositions started over 40 years ago, and have continued to challenge me to compose better and
     write more sharply.

    Spoken Poetry – same thing – can’t remember a day when there wasn’t a line running through my head, while I should have
     been concentrating on pressing decisions related to that gainful employment deal.

    Images – There are so many blessings of sight in this world we are in; let's reflect a few back...

    Musings – A few tidbits here and there...

    Future stuff – I'm interested in your thoughts, too. What does this world need more of?

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